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Server Merge x100 NEW x100 OLD

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Отправлено 08 Июнь 2021 - 20:06

Dear players!
The merger of the x100 NEW and x100 OLD servers will take place on June 10.
Servers will be disconnected for the time of unification from 00.30 in advance to 01.30 Moscow time.
NEW x100 and OLD x100 servers will be merged on June 10.
Both servers will be shut down from 00:30 until the end of the merge. The unified server will be available at 01:30 Moscow time.
If, when merging, the accounts have the same logins, then the account with NEW x100 will be added a prefix at the end of the account _2, let's say there was a test account, it will become test_2.
If the account during the transfer exceeds the allowable number of characters in the login, then after the conversion the last 3 characters will be cut off and replaced with _2: Suppose the account was 11tester999> after conversion it will become 11tester_2
If the characters have the same Nicky, then the character with NEW x100 will be added the NEW prefix.
Castles will be released on Saturday at 18:00 there will be the first siege on OLD х100 Reward 50 Donate Coin for those who capture the castle !!!!
Attention! After the merger, within 2 days, the service manager can change the nickname for 100 000 00 Aden, Those who do not have time to change their nickname in 2 days will be able to do this only for CoL
If you are a hero, then changing your nickname will not be available for you, but you can only change it through the server administrator.There is a topic on the forum where you can get acquainted with it
All newcomers, namely, created accounts, will be issued at the start of a premium buff for 3 days + a rune for a drop spoil and adena drop 50% for a day
Respectfully the administration of the server LINEAGEPRO.RU

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